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Procedure Text

Procedure text is a text that show a process/steps/ways to do or to use something through a sequence of actions. It explains how something is completely done through a sequence of series.
Procedure texts can be spoken or written. Knowing much about procedure text is very useful for our daily life, especially later when you work with machines or things that need some procedures to operate. Principally, procedure deal with how to do, and use something.

The purpose procedural text is to tell the reader how to do or make something. The information is presented in a logical sequence of events which is broken up into small sequenced steps.

The Structure of Procedure Text consist of :
1.      Goal/aim (title) : tell/show the purpose.
2.      Materials/equipment/ingredients (optional) : Telling the needed materials.
3.      Steps : Describing the steps to achieve the purpose.
Language Feature of Procedure
·         Using temporal conjunction (in written text) -> first, second, third,then, next, finally, at last, etc.
·         Using action verb.
·         Using imperative sentence -> Add some sugar, use the spoon to stir it, etc.
·         Using Simple Present Tense.
·         Use command words (cut…; pour…; fold…)
·         Use correct technical terms.
·         Most sentences start with a verb.
·         Exact details or information.

·         Add the sentences introducers/sequencers (in spoken text):
After that…Afterwards…
Ex : Firstly, prepare some water

·         Add time introducers (in written text) :
Ex : While you are boiling the water, grind the chilies, onion and salt.

Example of procedure text :

Goal :                           How to Make Ice Cream

The Materials :
  • 2 cups milk (not skim) or cream
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla extract (can substitute other flavoring.)
  • Several cups of Ice (the smaller the pieces, the better)

  • 1 cup salt (rock salt is best, but table salt can also be used)
  • Tub or large coffee can to hold salt and ice
  • Glass bowl or small coffee can
  • Electric mixer or whisk
  • Ice cream scoop
  • Storage container for freezer
Steps :
1.     Setting up the cooling apparatus. Stir ice and salt in the larger container. Double-check that the small container will fit into the larger one even with the ice.
2.     Combine the ingredients. Mix together the milk, sugar, and vanilla in the glass bowl. Then, set this bowl in the tub filled with ice and rock salt, making sure that the salt water does not spill into the bowl. Instead of a glass bowl and tub, you can also use a small coffee can inside a large coffee can.
3.     Mix the ice cream. Mix the ingredients in the small container vigorously. The salty ice mixture will cool the mixture down until it turns into ice cream. Mix very thoroughly. If you're using a whisk instead of an electric mixer in your glass bowl, you'll have to stir very hard, or ice crystals will form in the ice cream. If you are using the coffee can method, make sure both cans are well sealed, and then roll and shake to mix the ice cream mixture. It should take about 10 to 15 minutes to stir the ice cream using either method. Stir until it is free from ice crystals and is the right consistency.
4.     Decorate it as pretty as you want.
5.     Storage and serving. If you don't eat the ice cream right away, be sure to store it in the freezer so that it doesn't melt.

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