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Advertisement is a notification that the purpose is to persuade and motivating people to buy or use the product or service that offered or informed.
An Advertisement usually consists of :
1.       The name of the product
2.       The selling points of the product
3.       How to get the product
4.       Interesting design

Structure and characteristic of advertisement :
1.      The language is consist of :
-          Using the correct or suitable word
-          Using the interesting and suggestive expression
-          The text should be directed to the goals/aims
2.      The content should has :
-          Clear purpose/goal
-          Honestly
-          Brave
-          Clear
-          Not allude group or other product

 Kinds of advertisement :

·         Family advertisement

·         Invitation advertisement.

·         Sponsor advertisement.

·         News advertisement.

·         Announcement advertisement.

·         Requested advertisement.

·         Good married advertisement.. 

 Usually, we can find advertisement at :
o   Television
o   Newspaper
o   Pamphlet
o   Brochure

Family Advertisement

Request Advertisement

News Advertisement

Announcement Advertisement

Sponsor Advertisement

Invitation Advertisement

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