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Announcement,message,personal letters


Announcement is  something said, written, or printed which is containing information about an event that has happened or is going to happen. The purpose is informing something to public. Announcement can be spoken (oral) or written.

  •   Spoken announcement usually begins with saying “ATTENTION, PLEASE” or anything like that. In spoken announcement, you should speak clearly so that the targeted people can easily understand it. Besides, the information should be short and simple.
  • Written announcement usually begins with the tittle or for whom the announcement is written.
Example of written announcement :

To: all students of class 7A

The speaking test will be held on:

Day: Tuesday
Date: September 4, 2012
Time: 07.00 - 09.30
Place: media room

For the further information, you can call 081-88-32.
Thanks for your attention.

Mr. Fadli

Example of spoken announcement :

Attention, please.
The final tournament of basketball will be held on Sunday evening. Please come to Sanaman Mantikei to see the final tournament to support our basketball school team. Thank you.

Usually, we can find an announcement at :
1. Television.
2. Radio.
3. Newspapers.
4. Wall Magazine.

The structure of announcement :
  1. The title/type of event;
  2. For whom;
  3. Contents;
  4. Contact person/from whom.

Personal Letters

Personal letters also known as friendly letters, and social notes. Personal letters is a letter that we can share about anything that we want to tell by personal letters.
The Characteristic of personal letters :
  1. The opening/closing is variety, depends on the writer.
  2. Free language.
  3. Free format.
  4. Not use head letters and number of letters.
The structure of personal letters in general :
1.      Address of sender
2.      Date
3.      Address of the addressee
4.      Salutation
5.      Content
6.      The end of content

Example of personal letters :

Jalan soeprapto No. 17 Bandung

October 4, 2012

To : Endah
Jalan Yos Sudarso No. 6 Palangkaraya

Dear Endah,

How are you, Auntie?Long time no see. I hope you are fine.
I want to tell you about my new school. The school is huge. There’s a lot of plants, flowers, and trees. I get many new friends. They are very kind and friendly.
How about your new school ? Is it huge too ? I’m waiting for your reply. O.K ?

With love,


Message is a written or spoken piece of information that we send to somebody or leave for somebody when we can’t speak to them ourselves.
The structure is :
·         To : ....
·         Content : ....
·         Sender : ....

There are two types :

1.      Formal message. Usually written about something formal, but it is important. For example, when there is a meeting.

To : Mr. Roy, the Vice principal

Today there’s a meeting that you must be present. I know that you are busy. But this meeting is very important. The meeting will start at 9 a.m. at our auditorium. Thank you.


2.      Non Formal message. Usually, it is written about something that non formal, but it is important too. For example, when the children want to go to her friend’s house, while her mother shopping at the market.

To : Mom
                Mom, I’m go to Fitria’s house to do our tasks. The door has been locked. The door key is under the plant. I have finished my wash. I’ll be home at 5 p.m.

There are two kinds of message :
·         A verbal message in an exchange of information using words. Examples include face to face communication, telephone calls, voice mails, etc.

·         A nonverbal message is communicated through actions or behaviors rather that words. Examples include the use of body language and the actions made by an individual idea.

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