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Appointment is a kind of expression which is used to make an arrangement to meet a person or be at place at a certain time.
Making an Appointment
o   Will you pick me up at 2 p.m. ?
o   Can I see you at 3 p.m. ?
o   Will you go with me tonight ?
o   What if we go swimming this afternoon ?
o   I’ll come to your house at 4 p.m. Is it all right ?
o   Etc.
Accepting an Appointment
o   O.K. I’ll be there on time.
o   No Problem. I’m free on 3 p.m.
o   Sure. I’d love to.
o   Good Idea.
o   Yes, I think so.
o   Etc.
Cancelling an Appointment
o   I’m sorry, I can’t.
o   I’m sorry, I’m very busy.
o   I’m terrible sorry, I have to put of my appointment.
o   I’m sorry, I can’t come to meet you, because I must to do something.
o   Sorry, I can’t meet you today. I have to see my dentist.
o   Etc.
Responding the cancellation
o   That’s O.K.
o   How disappointing!
o   Don’t worry. We can meet next time.
o   Well, it’s alright.
o   Umm, it’s O.K.
o   Etc.
Changing an Appointment
o   What about... (Friday 4 p.m ?)
o   Is that OK. If we meet at 10 tomorrow morning?
o   Do you have another time this afternoon?
o   Could we change the day (time) of the meeting?
o   Would you mind if we change the day (time) of the meeting?
o   Some other time, may be ?
o   Can we reschedule ?
o   Etc.

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