Kamis, 15 November 2012

Giving Attention

what is giving attention ?????

Showing/Giving attention is expression of showing our attention to other people. We need to pay attention to other people showing that we care about them. So that, we can get attention from other people.

For example:

Mia : You look fresher after coming back from holiday.
Jack  : Do I? Well you’re right about taking a holiday. It’s exhilarating and relaxing.
Mia  : so, what was the most unforgettable moment you had during the holiday?
Jack  : When I did white water sport. It was frightening, but exciting as well.
Mia   : Really? That sport really pumps our adrenalin.
Jack  : You’re  right.
            In the dialog, the girl says. “You look fresher after coming back from holiday.” The sentence is used to show the girl’s attention to the boy  who look fresher. Meanwhile, her sentence “Really? That sport really pumps our adrenalin.” Expresses her attention to the boy’s story that he did white water sport.
Here are some expression to show our attention to other people.
Giving Attention
·         What should I do to cheer  you up?
·         I really care about you.
·         Don’t worry. I’m with you.
·         What’s wrong with you?
·         Hope you will be fine.
·         Are you O.K/fine?
·         Wow! That’s great.
·         Nice hair style !
·         Do you?/Are you?/Did you?
·         Well, you can tell me an amusing story.
·         Yes, you do. And I’m very grateful for that.
·         Thank you very much.
·         Nothing. I’m fine.
·         Thank you.
·         Yes I’m O.K/No, I’m not feeling well.
·         It is.
·         Thanks.
·         Yes, I do/I am/I did

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