Selasa, 13 November 2012

Giving Instruction

Giving Instruction is an expression that is used in order so that other person does what we instruct or request (an expression for give or ask somebody to do something we want).
Instructions usually begin with verb base (infinitive). To make an instruction sound more polite, use the word ‘PLEASE’ at the beginning or at the end of the instruction.
Giving instruction statement can be use :
1.         When people ask for unknown address.
2.       When demonstrate a recipe of food or drink.
3.       When ask somebody to do somethink that we want.

Kind of Giving Instruction :
·         Remove the pan from the heat.
·         Switch off your mobile phone in the class.
·         Press the button gently.
·         Clean the room, please.
·         eat your meal.
·         wash your hand.
·         Etc.
If we do not use a verb as a commanding word, usa be + adjective.
1.         Be diligent
2.       Be strong
3.       Be your self
4.       Be a good student
5.       Etc.
·         Don’t + Verb infinitive without “to” + O/C
Example :Don’t close it!
·         Don’t + be + adj. + please
Example :Don’t be noise, Please.
·         Would you mind not + V-ing + O/C
Example :Would you mind not borrowing my magazine.
·         Don’t + V-invinitife
Example :
-          Don’t armb !
-          Don’t eat!
-          Don’t approach!
·         No + V-ing
Example :
-          No smooking!
-          No swimming!
-          No parking!
-          No cheating!

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