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Greeting is an expression which is used to address someone or other people.

A greeting can consist of an exchange of formal expression, a simple kiss, a hand shake or a hug. The form of greeting is determined by social etiquette, as well as by the relationship of the people.

A verbal acknowledgement and sometimes a hand shake, facial expression, gestures, body language and eye contact can all signal what type of greeting is expected.
Type of greeting :
1.       Formal greeting :
-          Good Morning, Mr. Raffi.  (before 12 a.m)
-          Good Afternoon , Mom.(12-6 p.m)
-          Good Evening, Dad. (until about 9 p.m)
-          Good night, sweetheart.

2.       Informal greeting :
-          Hi, Tyo.
-          Hello, Budi.
-          Etc.

3.       Initial greeting :
-          How’s life ?
-          How’s everything wiith you ?
-          How are you ?
-          Nice to meet you.
-          Etc.
Responses of greeting :
-          Nice to meet you too.
-          I’m fine, thanks.
-          Hi, reza.
-          Etc.
Leave taking :
·         Good bye (formal/informal)
·         Bye-bye,
·          See you. Take care
·         See you later
·         See you soon.
·         See you tonight.
·         Etc.
(Do not use “Good evening” for leave taking, use “Good night.)

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